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The Viaduct

Formed of 92 atmospheric archways, 1.7 kilometres of disused railway track, providing panoramic views of the city and leading straight from Beeston through to Leeds’ city centre, the Holbeck Viaduct is calling out to be given a new life.  With the local community at its heart, the Holbeck Viaduct Project is driving to turn this majestic and industrial structure into a green walkway, a park, an unconventional arts space and everything in between.  Get involved, have your say, and join the transformation.

The Goal

To transform Holbeck's historic viaduct into a vibrant community green space for everyone to enjoy.

History & Timeline


1800s: Industrial Leeds


Developing from a small marketing town, Leeds, and specifically Holbeck in South Leeds, became an important centre for the production and marketing of woollen cloth.


1882: The Holbeck Viaduct is Built


Built for the London and Western Railway during the Industrial Revolution, the viaduct is a feat of Victorian engineering and provided a vital transport link into the booming city centre.


1960s: The Viaduct Falls Out of Use


It has languished in distinguished neglect ever since.


Today: The Holbeck Viaduct Project


Just normal people getting together to make where they live a better place. Currently in talks with Network Rail to allow use of viaduct for a community-focused project.


The Future: Is up to you.


A community garden, green walkway, arts space, park, cycle path, events hub, public allotment, assault course, cafe, music venue, viewing platform.

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Being born brick by brick from the ground up, this project is just people interested in a huge idea to create something great for the people of Beeston, Holbeck and Leeds.  But to do this we also need people to know about it. So please . . . chat, blog, write, draw and tweet.


It's going to take a huge amount of skills from many different people to achieve this project.  If you have experience or even just an interest, we'd love to hear from you.
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